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FOXTEL employee fired for laughing at term ‘Digital Penetration’

In Article on October 16, 2008 at 11:17 pm

Foxtel scheduling assistant Adrian Blaxland was dismissed Friday, after repeatedly giggling through CEO Kim Williams’ speech to staff.

Williams’ address on the future technological advancements into digital services of the Pay-TV carrier, were interrupted by Mr Blaxland giggling, coughing and wiping his eyes. This raucous behaviour resulted in a number of warnings from Blaxland’s Team Leader Gary Mackinley to “be quiet and listen to the address.”

Mr Blaxland who works on the 2nd floor of the Foxtel building, commented that the giggling first occurred after a company memo was sent to all staff asking them to “come together in the downstairs area”.

Blaxland’s work-mate Brent Harris stated that after they had gathered together, they both began to giggle when William’s opening included the phrase “All hands must be involved”.

But it was when Williams stated that “digital penetration would be easier in pubs and hotels, than in people’s homes” that Blaxland admitted he “really lost it”.

Mr Blaxland stated after his dismissal that it wasn’t his fault, he just reacted to what was said. He admitted that he also giggles when “people use the word ‘angina’.”

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