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Warnie to be used in new Virgin Mobile ad

In Article on October 16, 2008 at 11:21 pm

Virgin mobile has just announced it has recently finished filming a series of television ads featuring Aussie cricketer Shane Warne. “It’s a smart move when my experience using mobile phones, especially texting is so well known”, states Warne.

The company hopes that the rise in popularity of SMS messages will spread to other consumers by showcasing the ease in which both a sexual encounter can be arranged and an excuse sent to your spouse or partner.

The ad will first be released via the internet in a viral ad campaign. It will feature an overweight and smoking Warne speeding away from the house containing his wife and kids. A small ad in the back windscreen of his car will say FOR SALE: 0403SHANEW. 

Other features highlighted in the TV ads include; how SMS can be used to organise deliveries, including items such as baked beans and weight loss drugs. 

Virgin Mobile is also talking to Aussie actor and star of The Cinderella Man Russell Crowe about appearing in their summer campaign. 

Currently titled ‘Making your Phone more Mobile’. It will highlight the benefits of owning a phone of your own, as well as advice on how to send poetry.

In January 2006 Virgin Mobile intends to release a new phone, the Crowe 2210. The new phone will have a built-in alarm to let you know that your speech has gone for too long and has a function to capture video footage automatically should a fight break out in a night club or awards ceremony. 


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