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Benedict calls Sydney ‘extraordinary’, no Papal Bull

In Article on October 27, 2008 at 4:29 am

The Pontiff Benedict XI has officially described World Youth Day 2008 and the people of Sydney as extraordinary, as he pronounces it ‘ex-tra-or-di-nary’.

Pope Benedict stated, that it was “great to see the ‘face of youth’ not being represented by Miranda Kerr, for once”.

Sydney has enjoyed 3 weeks of hosting young people from all over the world with their colourful backpacks and large Pilgrim Passes.

A Pilgrim is person who goes on a long, difficult journey often facing extreme conditions, so that was all of us on City Rail.

After so much favourable media coverage, the Catholic Media Society has moved plans to start it’s own radio station in Sydney, called ‘Micks FM’.

Spokesperson Charmaine Hughes says they intend to use a modified Pope Mobile like the 2DAY FM’s Black Thunders, and will be playing mostly U2, with the occasional Ave Maria.

Music was a large part of the success of WYD08. Many international choirs performed as well as other artists such as Guy Sebastian, not a famous Catholic, but a famous virgin.

With no sign of the equine influenza, apart from thousands of hoarse voices. The final mass at the Randwick Racecourse was a huge success with one Pilgrim claiming that the Pope was “bigger than the Beatles.” 


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