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Police respond to invitation, come early beat the crowd

In Article on November 28, 2008 at 7:17 am


Madrid, Spain. Over 15 000 people join in the annual Run for Your Life event. 

The fun run, which has been steadily rising in popularity each year, broke all records in terms of participation, arrests and hospital admissions. 

Event organizer Manuela Sanchez stated that both crowds and police made an effort to be at the starting-line from 6am. This resulted in both tensions and the weather being quite heated by 9am, when the event officially began.

Police Commissioner Eduardo Alvarez began proceedings by using the starter pistol to shoot leading dissident Alexis Fabien in the head. 

University students variously described the event as “a riot”, “a good time”, “quite different to the cocktails and bars I’m used to”.