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Violent Gay Man accused of being closet heterosexual

In Article on March 12, 2009 at 12:52 pm


Resident of Paddington Gavin Barclay, was involved in an altercation with neighbour Tom Deloney, earlier this week.

The fight erupted after a series of noise complaints resulted in a confrontation at the front of Mr Deloney’s house. In the ensuing fracas Mr Barclay was punched in the face.

Psychologist Sandra Marshall says this display of aggression is not an isolated incident and is occurring in a number of Sydney’s ‘pink’ suburbs.

Marshall states that it “is the pressure of society to conform to ‘normal values’, especially here in Sydney” that is the cause and that “it is very unhealthy for young men”.

These violent tendencies seem to be becoming more common. Marshall identifies both “pressure from magazines and peer groups”. She also recognises “the encroaching identity crisis as lifestyle groups such as metrosexuals gain prominence in the media, society and inner-city bars.

Barclay has accused Deloney of being a closet heterosexual he told the media “no gay could throw that kind of punch”.